Friday, 16 October 2015

Wooden Bridge End View

A good look at the end of the bridge looking into the scene.
Thought I should have taken a few views from the isle. So here they one can see the bridge does not go anywhere but does a good job hiding things...George Dutka

An overall view showing the CV line side shanty, Elwell's General Store and the main line heading under the bridge.


  1. A 'bridge to nowhere'

    Looks really good, but I wonder if the prototype would have trees growing so close to it. Might want to remove that one pine tree with a bit of a lean, to let the bridge model show a bit more.

  2. Hi David:
    Noted that tree was leaning in the photo when working on the is straight now, but your right it might be best removed...thanks. Might also pull a couple others out as they do get bumped by yours truly...George

  3. Nice work! We had many of these rural crossings in southern Ontario. Still have some around.

    As for the trees growing closely to the bridge, I could see it happening in rural setting on a backroad with low maintenance priorities. The alternative appears to be a giant hole in the sky into which trains disappear, which I've seen less often on the prototype than trees growing too close to a bridge :)

    1. Hi Hunter:
      Thanks for the input...I have receive some good input via e-mails plus on the blog...think I maybe working on the isle end of the bridge shortly...have some ideas thanks to all of you...George