Saturday, 31 October 2015

Year Five Begins

A view with my more modern CV equipment in a scene from 2010. This location is now totally updated.
Today is the start of the fifth year as a blogger. Modeling for me this fall has been next to nothing. Home renovations are taking up most of my time. Actually at the moment we are away for some down time in Florida. We began a week ago following the Atlantic coast line through places we have never visited before such as Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and so on. I have a backlog of material on hand to post, so the blog will still see activity from the sunny south. Peter Mumby has helped me out lately with some interesting posts to help keep topics new and moving along. Don Janes has just got home from a railfan trip with some interesting photos. I hope to keep posting about my layout and modeling while away and will be back in full swing modeling for the winter before the end of the month.

Sometime within the next two or three months I will hit 1,000 posts. To start off this posting year I went through my older layout photos and picked a few as a look back to some scenes and equipment that have disappeared or have been updated....George Dutka

A CV train heads into WRJ yard on the WRD during 2009. A reflection of the caboose can be seen in the water below. This scene was my drop in module which is now a thing of the past.
This 2009 scene out front of the White River Jct. station has changed. The station is now turned around viewing the B&M side and the staging (programming) track in the foreground is now moved to the main yard as the carman's rip track.

 The view below is from Oct. 2013 with the program track removed and the Westboro lead in the planning stage. I soldered a few lengths of flex track together to figure out what I needed to cut out for the plywood road bed. The station was removed for preservation...guess I don't think much about the passengers during the construction process.

This scene is from January this year. Peter Mumby brought over some i's to photograph. Note the headlights are extinguished. This is not in the WRD rule book for waiting at the diamond it is because they are DC engines sitting on DCC tracks.