Sunday 29 May 2016

More ex-B&M Covered Hoppers

Ex-B&M car on a CP freight in London, Ont. April 22, 2016. Some neat weathering for a well used car.
My friend Terry sent me this photo he took of an ex-B&M covered hopper on a CP train here in London, Ont. Peter covered these hoppers being loaded in Havelock, Ont. last winter. On occasion Terry follows my blog and thought I would enjoy another view...enjoy...George Dutka


  1. Pretty cool to see BM Blue in 2016. I did some quick internet research and found these to be Railcar Leasing Specialists owned cars (AMIX and AEQX reporting marks). Apparently B&M purchase October 1980, 5200 series, 3000 cf capacity. Looks like a PS-2 style, built by Portec Rail. Must have been sold in last few years as many pictures from 2012 and earlier still show them still as BM reporting marks and original numbers. Seem to have held up well for 36 year old cars!

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for the update regarding these cars...neat to see...might have to model one of these at some point...George