Saturday 14 May 2016

WOD Make and Take Clinic

An overhead view of the O scale snow fence.
Today Peter Mumby and I attended our area NMRA -WOD meet in Ingersoll, Ont. It was a make and take morning project put on by Hunterline. Rick has come up with a small snow fence kit which is reportedly quick to build. The plan was to built four fences in a morning...and we did just that...thanks Rick and to the WOD...George Dutka

Another view of the O scale snow fence, a new product offered by Hunterline
Peter Mumby is hard at work putting his four snow fences together. He has the braces all assembled and is working on the fence portion.
The snow fences come in four scales, O, S. HO and N as seen here.

Peter and I built the HO scale versions similar to these on display. Rick mentioned he is considering a small stock pen for a future kit.

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