Friday 20 May 2016

Snapshot - May 2016 CP-B&M Pooling in the 1970's

CP train 904 SB, a power and caboose pooled train with the B&M passes the frt. house at Lyndonville, Vt. on July 20, 1973. The CP caboose will be cut off at White River Jct. while the rest of the train heads towards Springfield, Mass. Bruce Nelson photo.
I ran across these two photos while roaming the NERAIL's site. Bruce Nelson posts regularly his very interesting collection of  New England B&W photos on this site. Bruce was kind enough to allow me to post these two photos here so you can see what was pooled along the Conn. River Line in the 1970's...enjoy...George Dutka

The head end of CP train 904 is a mix of CP and B&M power. From the head end one finds B&M 4266 F-7, 1567 GP-7, CP 8577 RS-18, plus two CP RS-3's. The two rear units in the consist will be set off at St. Johnsbury along with freight, most of which is for the MEC. July 20, 1973. Bruce Nelson photo


  1. This must have been fairly brief. In the late 1960s, when I was in the area, CP ran a freight each way with its own power and caboose between St Johnsbury and WRJ, which was yarded in WRJ. Cars could go to either Boston or Springfield. I suspect the Conn River CP pool with B&M came about after the New Hampshire Division was closed. But later, the WRJ-Springfield train had power pooled with CV as well -- but by the 1980s there was a B&M EDWJ with B&M power only, CV operations over the line being separate again.

  2. Interesting John...thanks for your input...George

  3. I have replicated something similar to this on Op Sessions with train CP 904 from Newport (staging) arriving in St. J with extra power and a CP caboose in addition to the B&M caboose. The power and CP caboose are pulled off by the yard crew and used on train 937, St. J to Newport (staging) with the MEC cars that came in on RY-2. This was based on what I researched and read about operations circa 1980 (Trains 1982 article by Ben Bachman).

    1. Interesting operation, thank Mike...George