Thursday 26 May 2016

CV 8081 now has a new stack and DCC

Here we see the White River Division in the 1980's. At one point I had this engine for sale but I am glad I held on to it.
I covered details added to CV 8081 in my June 15 2015 post. Recently I added a NCE non-sound DCC decoder and a new exhaust stack, engine man and the  red safety first sign it wore at one point. I still need to find the dual headlight I purchased which will finish it off. It is nice to be able to run this switcher in my contemporary fleet even if it does not have sound...George Dutka

The Safety First sign I photocopied from a print of the actual engine. I cut it out and glued it on. It was once hung in the St. Albans shop prior to being installed on the engine. The smoke stack is a brass casting this is similar to what is on the prototype but not an exact copy...better than what the model came with. If I ever find an exact casting it will be changed out once again. After the engine was assembled I found the twin headlight detail, so the engine will be back on the workbench once again sometime this summer or fall.

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