Saturday 28 May 2016

Westboro on the WRD

The engine house if full this day. These two are not going anywhere soon as revenue is down and no funds for DCC the future for these two is as Atlas dummies.
I was checking my batteries on my pocket camera and decided to shoot a bit of my Westboro scene which I finished last fall...George Dutka

An overall look at the newer area of Westboro.
This is one of my first B&M acquisitions made years ago, and well before the WRD it getting a long deserved rest.

Don Janes did a great job building this engine house...sure glad to have it on the WRD.


  1. George, Looks great.
    Where did the engine house come from? Kit? Scratch built?

    1. Hi Marty:
      The engine house is scratch built by Don Janes with inspiration from North Conway, NH and also the roundhouse on Dick Elwell's layout. It was on his original layout. With his rebuild he asked me if I was it became an really nice addition to Westboro...George