Friday, 25 January 2019

Paris Train Show 2019

Peter Mumby manning the tables of Peter's Trains. Peter is retiring the business at the end of the year...note the 50% off signs on the decals.
Peter and I attended the Paris train show last weekend. The host is the WOD division of the NMRA which included a few layouts, area historical societies and the WOD craftsman corner were members work on projects. This was Peter's last time attending the show as a vendor. He is retiring Peter's trains after 40 something years at the end of the year. So this is like a last hurrah attending the shows as a business although he and I will have lots of our own stuff to flog at times. We also are going to attend some shows at the WOD craftsman tables this year and next so stop by and say hello and see what we are working on...George Dutka
I picked up this engine, a dummy unit from New England modeler Chris Wright. Although it does not really fit my modeling NYSW engines showed up on the CN in London. This model is really nicely painted and detailed. I always liked the paint scheme and for $25 it will be a photo prop on the WRD and displayed in my engine cabinet.
A look at the head end.
One could purchase a Jason Shron of Rapido Trains diorama for a great price.

There was an estate sale offering old time boxcars for $2 each. I picked up 6 and Peter got 3 or 4. The ones I looked at and purchased had steel wheels, something I am short of. Most of the cars will be repurposed as line side shed that I will detail and sell off at area train shows. One car in the box was actually a True Line Trains Fowler TH&B car which was a nice find.

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