Tuesday, 29 January 2019

CP International of Maine Boxcar

CP International of Maine boxcar in CP's London, Ontario yard, November 1984, Dave Chalmer photo. This car has seen better days but it is kind of a neat car to model in a weathered and patched state. I may give this a try with one of my models.
I recently had the chance to scan another group of slides passed along to me by Peter Mumby. They are taken or are from the collection of Dave Chalmers. They originally where passed along to Don McQueen who then passed them along to Peter now to me and then to another of Peter's railfan friends. I scanned about 30 of Peter's favourite's which includes this view. I took maybe another 100 to scan at some point. I will be in the future posting groupings of these photos...George Dutka


  1. Please do post more. Dave has also passed some slides along to me. So many scenes we thought were 'just everyday' back then but are really interesting now. Dave is a prolific photographer!
    Thanks for sharing,