Friday, 19 July 2019

Modeling Inspiration - Kerwood, Ont.

An old structure that has seen better days a stone throw away from the CN  Strathroy Sub. mainline in Kerwood, Ontario.
On my recent drive to Sarnia I made a few stops along the tracks to check and see if anything was coming or in the sidings. One such stop at Kerwood, Ontario gave me some modeling inspiration. This structure I had seen a number of times but never actually looked that closely. One can see it from the tracks as there are no other structures between it and the crossing. It caught my eye due to the way the sun struck its side walls and also the for sale sign posted.

It is a tear down I would think but has a lot of interesting characteristics. No features that a would-be purchaser would like but us modeler love this sort of thing. What one sees are features found on a Jason Jensen model. As I drove away I thought how often do you find a prototype these days for such a structure...they do exist for today's era. Should we be modeling them...George Dutka

On the one end the white washed wood planking is uncovered part way. This wall was shingled at one point. A neat modeling effect.
The metal roof is totally rusted but was applied decades ago over cedar shake shingles. Another neat modeling effect viewing part exposure.
One can see there are other areas that the metal roof is missing. The windows are gone with many covered with plywood.
The brick chimney is crumbling which would also make a nice modeling effect. Most castings are as new...but could be altered to reflect a portion missing.
The backside and other end of the structure has some neat looking add-ons that could also be modeled. I stopped by on my way home to get a good view in the sunlight. The backside was shadowed on my first stop.Some new steel roofing was applied on this side at some point. Also note the wall shingles not it great shape. I am thinking the whole structure was shingled at one point.
The shingles have seen better days.
A closer look at the chimney.
The back add-on is metal clad but as one sees the end area has only half the metal siding still attached.

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  1. I just found these pics while Googling stuff on Kerwood (I live there) and wanted to let you know that this building was actually tore down about a month after taking them. The pic of the front you can see the notice of condemnation. A bit of history on it is that it was a bank in its early years and the upstairs was a meeting room for the local clubs/societies. The vault was still there and had to be blasted to remove it. I have a few pictures of it coming down if anyone is interested.