Monday, 29 July 2019

Weathering an ATSF Boxcar

A new addition to the WRD fleet.
I tried some new AK products weathering a boxcar I picked up at the NERPM meet. This is my second attempt with some AK products and a first with others and the AK thinner. The boxcar came without a box and a couple of broken stirrups but at a great deal which made me feel OK weathering it up with some new products and not sure how it might turn out. I am not sure the manufacturer of this car, but I think it is an Intermountain model. It has many fine details although the grabs are a bit oversized. The captions tell the story...George Dutka

My newest boxcar before weathering with AK thinner and rust streaks.
AK rust steak has been applied and let dry for 5 minutes. I then applied AK thinner on the spots letting it run down. It actually removed a lot of the colouring. I may have added too much thinner. I also added some AK crusted rust deposits which drys to a really bright rust colour, almost too bright. This was used mainly on the roof. AK thinner was once again applied.
I also added some white PanPastel to the lettering which gives a streaking appearance. Once done the car sides are over-sprayed with Floquil boxcar red which was thinned.
The roof also got a thinned over spray of Floquil grimy black. The roof walk is coloured with a wash of Floquil grime and between the boards I ran a lead pencil along the seam. The roof ribs got a bit of silver pen highlights.
The silver pen was also dabbed on the hose bag end, valve and the end of the coupler.
I feel these AK products worked well on my second attempt at weathering a boxcar.

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