Sunday, 21 July 2019

Quick FIx - Air Flow Hopper Weathering

Another air slide hopper added to the WRD fleet.
With the 40c plus weather here the last couple of days I decided to do a quick afternoon project. Actually it took my only about half of the afternoon giving me time to work on a FOS kit....more on that shortly. I still have a few Bob Bowes cars that are nicely built and well detailed, they just need a bit of weathering to fit into my fleet...George Dutka

The car as the update begins, the coupler trip pins will be cut off. The car  has steel wheels that are nicely painted. I just added some Bragdon rust to them. The trucks got a coat of Princess Auto  Cast Iron.
All the products used. I used acrylic burnt umber and burnt sienna followed by Bragdon rust streaks. The entire car then got a coat of PanPastel blender with white highlights. The roof ribs got a dab of silver from my pen along with the end of the couplers.
Bob had added a lot of nice details such as cut levers, wire grabs, replacement brake wheel and air lines.
The roof got most of the weathering with a few rust spots on each roof panel.

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