Tuesday 17 December 2019

Lee Valley - NFR Christmas Workshop

There was 11 NFR members in attendance. From time to time Lee Valley customers came in to see what was going on.
This past Sunday the COD hosted the NFR-NMRA Christmas Workshop at the Vaughan Lee Valley store. Peter and I decided to attend as it would also give us a chance to check out CN Mac Yard a few blocks away. It also was a good reason to stop in at Credit Valley hobby shop on the way home...it really was a full day...George Dutka

The workshop happened in the seminars room while a banner and a display table was found in the main area of Lee Valley.
That is Richard Hatton the NFR president in the black shirt. Gord McBride and Eric Roth in the background.
Gord manned the display area with some flyers and handouts for anyone interested in model railroading or the NMRA.
One member brought along his T scale layout. It is 1-450 scale or half Z scale. That is Peter's hand for comparison. The trains ran flawlessly and the tracks also has sidings with operational switches. Now to see if one can get DCC sound into that unit.
When is the last time you have seen a complete train set in a box this small...about the size of a 40 foot boxcar kit.
Peter Mumby works away on his decal project. I worked on some PanPastel weathering that will be seen in another post later today.

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