Sunday 19 January 2020

Abandoned Truck

Shows you what can be done with some cast-off parts.
My new abandoned pickup truck. I picked it up for a buck at the last train to find a place for it to rest...George Dutka

This is what I got...not all the parts are included so it just became a junked truck.
Painted it orange.
Flat finish applied.
I made an axle out of a parts spur. I then added a F&C block to the front and some old boards to the rear.
The rust is a mix of AK rust washes followed by some Bragdon powders. While taking the photos I realized I had not applied a plate which if from FOS. The box got a lot of junk.
I eliminated my comment and added Manny's s letter as the caption regarding plates. License plates are issued by the individual provinces and states, not by country. Various provinces and states have single or pairs of plates and it is constantly changing. Manitoba for instance had single plates in the 1944-49 and 1987-97 time-frames with pairs all other years. Politics, lobbying, law enforcement all play a role and it's about half and half of pairs vs singles across North America. Manny Jacob Licence plate collector since 1987.


  1. Hi George, love your blog(s) and the truck looks great! As a minor point, many US states do actually require a front plate, in fact I think more than half of them do.

  2. Oh that is interesting...most places I visited had only rear plates...will have to look closer on my travels...thanks...George