Sunday 20 February 2022

CV Jordan Spreader - Prototype

Not sure who passed along this view of a CV spreader, but one can see the paint is well worn from lots of use. The file is small but there appears to be some information on the bottom.

A couple of photos of the CV spreader prototype in black with noodle...George Dutka   

This view must be from later in life than the one above.

My version of the CV spreader.


  1. George, like that jordan spreader parked in front of ST Albans roundhouse but my interest in the photo is the color of the brick on the roundhouse, which I am in the process of scratchbuilding. The brick has a blackish color do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this look. Hope all is well hope to make a trip to railway city Hobbies this year. Thanks, JOHN

    1. Hi John if you go to St Thomas let me know, I will meet up with you. For some reason today I am able to comment. Not sure on how to color the black...will get back to you...George