Thursday 17 February 2022

Throwback Thursday - C&O International Service Cabooses

C&O International Service caboose number 904111 put in an appearance at St Thomas, Ontario on August 22, 1988.

By Peter Mumby

C&O International Service cabooses could be identified by the blue rectangle with white lettering which appeared under the car number below the bay window.  I was unable to read what it said but Don McQueen was able to zoom in on the panel and decipher the wording for me.  C&O 904111 was lettered as follows:
"International service caboose
  must be returned to Detroit
  International service."
The wording on number 904125 was a little different:
"International service caboose
  In US and Canada service
  must be returned to Detroit."

I don't know how many cabooses were marked in this fashion, but I found photos in my collection of three more examples, specifically 904109, 904121, and 904156. 

C&O 904125 was spotted in front of the CASO station in St Thomas.  Photo by Don McQueen.


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