Monday 21 February 2022

February Update

Why have I cropped and am showing you this B&M section shed at Ayer, Ma. I found it interesting how this structure looks well worn with almost no paint in 2008. This would make a great model project. Note the windows are covered over and the tar-paper on the roof patched in locations. I believe it is now gone.

To start off I find I cannot comment on my posts for some reason following visitors comments. I hope to figure this out, but for now if you find I am not answering your questions...just send me an e-mail.

There has been a lot going on in my personal life lately that has taken me away from modeling and railfanning. Here is a bit of an update. First off my CN railroader father-in-law passed away last month at the age of 95. He was the last from his era alive in London. My 96 year old mother-in-law is still around and still in her own home requiring a lot of our time now. I also had my hernia operation this month that I had been waiting almost a year for. It came up last minute when a cancellation occurred which also slowed me down. 

Post will be spotty for a bit as I have not done any modeling since mid January. All my projects are put on hold...looks like next winter might be when I get at updating the engines and rolling stock I have laid out for this winter. Once I get back to modeling I want to finish the areas of the WRD that are apart. I had hoped to work these projects into the winter mix of things. Here are a few photos of this and that I want to share with you...George Dutka 

Part of my fleet of vehicles used regularly on my layout. For more about these check out the April issue of RMC.

My father-in-law was an engineman during the steam era working his way up to CN master mechanic which is the guy in-charge of the engineman. At one point before he retired he was my boss. This photo was taken by my friend Chris Martin who was in the engineering department in 1984 when the photo was taken. Jake is in front of the London Aux train in the London station. Not sure what the occasion was but I am thinking it was on display.
This is a photo of my friend Bruce Douglas watching the action of the GEXR in Goderich, Ont. That is the salt mine entrance in the distance. This photo was taken by another friend Gord Taylor who I have mentioned and posted photos from in the past. Jan. 11, 2011.

This structure looks really neat. I believe it is in St. Louis and I think it is something Barry at the Roomettes web site posted. Maybe a new kit in the works? It is something one can do to any building.

I took this photo last fall. My Borden's creamery that has been in use for years on my layout and on other modules decades earlier, rests on the plans found in a 1960's issue of RMC. I used these feed mill plans as the base for my creamery. I built it back in the early 1980's. It has been back to the workbench at least once for an upgrade.


  1. George - I had a similar issue on my blog, and commenting on other blogs. I found a temporary (?) workaround to be using Chrome instead of Firefox for commenting on blogs. Its a real pain, but not a deal-breaker. In the last week I have found commenting on other blogs to be fixed without explanation. However, I am commenting now using Chrome...


  2. Hi Galen
    I just got my computer back for being frozen up the last few days (this is our main computer...our other one is 15 years old) and the comments are now working...wondering if it was something with my computer...will see what happens tomorrow...George