Saturday 19 February 2022

Modeling a Winter Scene

The finished winter scene with a Walthers water thank placed in the scene. I thought the dollar store products were really effective in modeling this scene.

Back in December I worked on a winter scene which is a version of what I saw on a home day TV show. I used a sheet of Styrofoam which I painted white, then added some track at an angle. I used a variety of dollar store finds. Some worked while others not so much. Here is what I learned...George Dutka 

The dollar store stock that I was going to use to complete the winter scene. I also purchased Woodland Scenic snow which really was not required. I was originally going to light up the snow and trees as they did on the TV show but I think it looks best without this feature.

The painted Styrofoam. It is a one foot square piece.
This snow blanket was the most effective product I used next to the snow covered trees. I also used a bit of late fall tall static grass and a piece of fencing prior to adding the covering.
My spreader and FOS interlocking tower is set in the winter scene which was an easy build.

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