Saturday 2 April 2022

Building the White RIver Jct Station Scene

This was a really early look at WRJ with a paper mock-up and the trackage in place. I operated the railway for almost a year like this to make sure all would run well before working on the scenery. WRJ was the last scene to be finished on the layout.

Here are a few views that I took while building the WRJ station scene almost 20 years ago....George Dutka

The paper mock-up of the WRJ station is in place. All the track is operational and some scenery webbing made from cardboard boxes is in place.

The area around the station is completed. I built a form with the concrete curbing in place before a pour of Woodland scenic plaster Smooth-it into the forming.

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  1. Interesting that you ran it for a year before settling on a final result.