Sunday, 3 April 2022

GMD Recollections - Via Delivery

Via locomotives 6418 and 6419 had just been delivered to the London Via station on February 07, 1987.  They had been forwarded by CN yard engine 1363, which was just out of the picture to the left.
By Peter Mumby.

Via F40PH-2 locomotives 6400-6458 were produced between 1986 and 1989.  The normal delivery procedure was to have a CN yard engine bring the new units to the Via station, where they would be coupled to the head end of the next regularly-scheduled eastbound passenger train.  The 6418/6419 pair featured in today's photos had recently been escorted to the station by CN 1363.  They were sitting on station track number 1 awaiting the arrival of Via engine 6793 and its train number 84.

Via 6760 looks on as 6419 waits to couple on to number 6793 at the head end of Via train 84.  Both 6760 and 6793 will soon be put out to pasture by these new arrivals.


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