Thursday 7 April 2022

Throwback Thursday - Slug Set

BC Rail RS-18 number 606 was working in the yard at North Vancouver on July 06, 1989.
 By Peter Mumby.

The RS-18 was probably the most successful offering in the product line of Montreal Locomotive Works.  British Columbia Railway locomotives of this model certainly served reliably over their long careers.  BCR 606, shown in one of today's photos, had been assembled as number 592 in June of 1960.  Renumbering came in 1964.  Twenty years later it was damaged in a wreck, with rebuilding following in 1986.  A second rebuild would occur in 1993, when the unit was upgraded with a 2000 hp CAT prime mover.  This RS-18 continued in service until the CN take-over in July of 2004.  Keeping the 606 company in the photos was yard slug S405 which had been built from an ex-LS&I RS-3 in August of 1984.  

The RS-18's dance partner on that day was slug unit S405.


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  1. That unit has quite a long "snout" on the short hood in comparison with the CP RS-18 rebuilds!