Friday 23 September 2022

Fall Update

Thanks Jim for the use of your photos. A clean looking CV boxcar in Belleville, Ont. 1970

Not much modeling lately as we have more than our share of family health issues. I do have a few interesting notes and photos to share with you...George Dutka

A B&M derailment along the Deerfield river, Ma. in about 1939. Leslie Jones collection.

A link to the Flying Yankee. A group wants to restore it once acquiring it from the State of NH.


Although this NH event passed it would have been great to attend.

At CSXT Rougemere yard Dearborn Mi. Kind of an Easter looking paint job. Ken Borg photo Fall 2022

Here we see Don Jane taking a photo of Thousand Island 500 through the window as it was pouring rain. Actually we were on our way to the CVRHS 2010 convention when we ran into the effects of tropical storm Nicole on Sept. 30 2010. All our railfanning on the way east was from inside the car through an open window. 

This is my view once Don positioned the car for me to take a look. More on this trip shortly.

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