Saturday 24 September 2022

Snapshot - September 2022

CN train in the Burlington, Ontario area. Walther Reid photo.

I recently received the 2023 CARM calendar which had an interesting view. The photo was shot at Appleby Road in Burlington, Ontario close to the KFC by Walther Reid. The view actually was a video that one frame was clipped and used. Walther is responsible for producing the calendar. Peter Mumby and I also had photos included this year in the calendar.  

 The caption for this view is

"This colourful local freight has an interesting pedigree. The lead unit is GTW 6420 (GP40-2) but the trailing unit has quite the story. First purchased by GTW as #5810 in 1971, it was transferred to CV as CV 5810, then sold to Locomotive leasing Partners as LLP# 2217, then sold to GATX Rail Locomotive Group as GMTX 2254, then finally sold to CN and renumbered as CN 4902. WOW!!"...George Dutka

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