Thursday 22 September 2022

Throwback Thursday - Bob Hannah's ACR Palindrome

ACR 141 represented half of the railway's fleet of SW8 locomotives.
By Peter Mumby
Photo by Bob Hannah.
Today's post is the third installment of a trilogy of 1980-vintage Bob Hannah photos of Algoma Central Railway equipment.

On the off chance that some of us might have been dozing during  grade ten English class on the day that palindromes were discussed, let me refresh your memory.  A palindrome is a word or number the letters or digits of which, when taken in reverse order, read the same.  Numerical examples are easy to find on railway equipment.  TH&B SW9 55 sported a two-digit palindrome, while CN GP40-2L number 9449 featured a four-digit palindrome.  More to the point of today's presentation, 1952-built SW8 number 141 fit into the three-digit category.  In the word category, 3-letter palindromes, such as "Bob" are easy to find, but 6-letter examples, such as "Hannah" are not quite as plentiful.  Probably a mindless diversion on my part, but enjoy the photo anyway.

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