Monday 26 December 2022

More Christmas Cards!

A few more interesting Christmas views I received this year that I thought you would enjoy...George Dutka

The Vermonter #55 with GE P42DC #93 on Oct. 20 2017 going over the Royalton, Vermont bridge.

Kevin Smith sent the following from his days working for VTR.

There's one tale about a familiar sounding train crew stopping each year around the three bridges area of Mt. Holly.

Seems the guys would ask if any of their fellow co-workers wanted a tree for their Xmas celebrations.
On the way South, a stop was made, and with axes & bucksaws in hand, a few lush evergreens made their way into a boxcar.

One particular year, as rumor has it, the Gen. Mgr. himself asked for a 10' Blue Spruce to out front of his Putney home.
Ever accommodating, the spirited crew obliged with a beautiful, perfectly shaped example of Mt. Holly growth.
The GM was more than pleased, but asked: "Now that came from RR property, right ?"
"Of course" came a quick reply: 

"When it fell."

He continues to say
The tree we picked out was a 30 footer.
The best result was to scope out a tall one & drop it, then take the top.
Yup- on RR property, then...

John Allen Card

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