Saturday 31 December 2022

Happy New Years!

The CN Christmas Card sent out for 2022 to employees and pensioners has a very nice photo. I think I may frame mine.

As the year comes to an end I am looking forward to next year as I have a group of projects planned.  

2022 has been a year with limited modeling time but I did spent a couple of hours yesterday giving the layout a good cleaning as I had not run it much during 2022 due to family health issues. I have some newer engines I want to take for a spin. I realized there are a few issues while cleaning that I have to correct before trains can run and they will be my first projects in the new year.

I hope you also have some projects planned for 2023 to work on through the winter months.

As far as post go there are a few completed to begin the year and lots of ideas for the future. I have a few trains shows I will be attending including the Springfield show at the end of January. If you are in my area I will be working on projects at the NMRA-WOD craftsman workshop tables in Kitchener in March. As program director for the WOD-NFR-NMRA  we will have a February Zoom clinic that some of you might be interested in...I will be presenting the beginning to our series, Detailing Freight Cars. I will pass along the information once we have a set date.

Have a Happy New Years and see you in 2023...George Dutka

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  1. Any day we can get some modelling in is a good day. Thanks for being great blog partners, Don, George and Peter. I've enjoyed reading your many, diverse posts. I wish you much more satisfaction and success in 2023 in scale, and in 1:1 scale - the one called Life!