Tuesday 27 December 2022

CP International of Maine - Weathered

The competed model with most of the weathering done to the roof. A placard was added on the door. Wheels are cinnamon brown then Bragdon powders. The trucks are spray can painted with Princess Auto Cast Iron Gray.
This piece of rolling stock, an IMWX (Innovative Model Works) is a custom built and lettered model I purchased back in the summer from our local St. Thomas hobby shop. I thought it might be a nice model to practice some weathering on and gift to my friend Peter Mumby for Christmas. The captions tell the story...George Dutka  
I began by appling an acrylic wash of dollar store gray on the roof. This was a bit heavier than on some of my other models as I like variation in the roof tones. PanPastel Raw Umber Shade is then applied to the roof.

PanPastel Dark Gray is then applied  to the flat panels followed by a light coat of Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark The sides got a coat of the Red Iron also followed by some PanPastel Blender as highlighting and fading. Vallejo rust texture is applied to the door and lower corners. 

The running board is weathered using AK pencils, dirty white and gun metal followed by a light coat of PanPastel grey.

The model is complete with the roof showing some nice weathering. 

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