Friday 16 December 2022

Tiny Railroads


I took this photo of the shop along Main St. from the location of the ex CN Cayuga Sub. Interesting my directions were just go over the tracks and it is on the right hand side. I know the tracks have been up for decades so I wondered why they commented on over the tracks. Well to my surprise the tracks are still there crossing the road. I guess the next road job will see these removed.  

While on the WOD-NMRA November get together in Pt. Dover there was three layouts open for viewing on the way home. I learned at one location that there is a hobby shop near by in Delhi, Ontario. I thought I would make a stop by on my way home. The hobby shop has more estate offerings than new products but there was a nice selection of modeling products. I picked up a couple of AK stains I had not seen in the past to try out. If one is looking for buildings or vintage rolling stock there was a very good selection. The owner of Tiny Railroads is on Facebook but does not have a Web page...George Dutka


  1. Hi George, they do have a web site:

  2. Thanks Steve will check it out...George