Saturday, 27 May 2023

Visiting Bill Moore

Bill built a diner out of  an unused B&M coach. I really like how it turned out.
On Wednesday I drove to Imlay City Michigan to visit one of my New England modeling friends Bill Moore. It has been years since we last saw each other. It actually was a two day trip as I wanted to spend sometime looking around Pt Huron...the last time I was by the GTW yard was on my last run before retirement in 2009. 

Bill models the CV, B&M and Rutland in New England. One of his key scenes is WRJ which he mentioned needing to build the station and out building. This became a breezed when Bill acquired Marty McGuirk's WRJ station, ball signal and Twin State Fruit structure. Marty had just switched modeling locations. I had mentioned this to Bill, I said who knows Marty may not need the structure's which was the case. Bill's daughter lives near Marty so they arranged a pick-up. The trackwork is still in progress at WRJ but the structure locations are now set.

Bill has operating sessions a few times a year which Don Janes has actually attended before covid. I believe he posted about it a few years back...use the search drive to find the post.

More on Bill's modeling and my visit later...George Dutka

Marty's WRJ station

An overhead view of the WRJ CV side of the station. One will be able to view both sides of the station as operator's need to work the two different zones.

The ball signal in a location Bill was thinking of.
Bill and I had a good discussion regarding his card system that has worked well for years.

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