Sunday 26 November 2023

Detailing DWP 3609

The extras included are window awnings and a different stack.
Rapido's RS-11's are really nice right out of the box but there are a few changes I wanted to make to better follow the DWP prototype. For one the re-railers should be moved forward from the center position they are located. I also added a roof radio antenna and on the rear truck speed cables. The DWP engines were delivered with awnings which are included in the packaging but need to be installed. In later life they were removed. More on this engine shortly...George Dutka       

Just out of the box the DWP will get a bit of an upgrade.

The footboard grab bar across the front of the engine is painted green. It should be gold as on the handrails. Rapido has used Kadee no. 5 couplers and I will be using the true scale no.158's.

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