Thursday 2 November 2023

Throwback Thursday - Via Pontypool

This was the Via "station" at Pontypool as it appeared around the arrival time of train #191 on July 29, 1989.    

By Peter Mumby.
According to the Via timetable, the run between Havelock and Toronto had eleven stops, eight of which had "Station open a minimum of one half hour prior to train arrival."  This might imply that the other three stops featured no structure as such.  Definite stops were listed only at Peterborough and Agincourt.  The others were all conditional (flag) stops.  Today's photo showcases the building at Pontypool.  I also have photos of the Norwood station, which follows a similar design.  Taking a picture of a Via train westbound at Pontypool would have been very much a seasonal affair, as most of the time these stops would have been in darkness.  On Monday to Friday #187 made its stop at 07:04.  Saturday's train 191 called at 08:14, while #189 stopped at 18:44 on Sunday.  This photo of 191 was exposed on July 29, 1989.

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