Saturday 18 November 2023

More This and That - November 2023

It has been awhile since I last looked at the Roomettes web site. One can now add interior detailing and lighting to some of Atlas classic kits. I had converted the station to a Rutland Ry. style station...maybe an interior is in the future for this structure.  

My December RMC arrived yesterday with Don Janes great article viewing his now complete Green Mountain Division. I copied these two photos from the RMC Facebook website. Great job Don! So what is next for Don. We met up a few weeks back  at Don's home for a good visit. With his layout done the topic of what next came can not just stop modeling once the layout is done. Don mentioned possibly a contemporary module that he could build in his workshop. He has a lot of room in there. It could become a new layout down the road. Since my visit Don has started to pick up some new Rapido engines...CN, CP and OSR might be the main focus this time around, but we will see what he comes up with. I am sure he will fill us in once he figures things out...which probably will not be till the spring as he is heading to Arizona for the winter shortly...George Dutka

The CV Waterbury, Vt. station scene is one of the scenes featured in the current RMC.

A great scene for the cover of the current RMC.

This is CN 383 heading west from Komoka on Oct 31, 2023. There was a nice group of colorful graffiti covered hoppers on board. I found this new feature on my computer that can take the foreground and background out of focus and making a pan style shot. It worked for this shot but have yet to get it to work again for me.

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