Monday 13 November 2023

Garden Caboose display

All ready for use in the garden once again.
My father in law had this wooden caboose on a pole in their garden for years. With my mother in law passing this year we put the house up for sale and cleared out what we could. My kids had a chance to go through the house and garden and pick what they wanted. Jessica my older twin really liked this caboose that had seen better days. I took it home for a refresh for her. I sanded it down, spray can painted it black followed by some red paint we use on our potting sheds door. This was brushed on. I had two black CN noodle decals that my father in law still had (which was used on the caboose before). Well the decals were really old and fell apart. I asked Peter Mumby what he might have squirreled away. He came up with a G scale dry transfer in CP. So that is what was used on one side. I have left the other side blank just in case I find a CN decal or transfer. My father in law worked for CN so he might be rolling in his grave till I find a CN for the other side. I spray sealed the dry transfer on and all is good to go now...George Dutka  

I taped the window areas before brush painting the body.
This was the Wordless Wednesday a few weeks back after I sanded down the paint were it was lifting. The two paints to be used are resting in the photo too.

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