Saturday 16 December 2023

December 2023 - Update

An undated photo of CV RS-11 3611. I have seen photos of this engine with green handrails, but here we see them painted yellow. Note the cab window cover has been removed and DWP orange is seen around the edges. Other views show this painted over. The walkway striping is not yellow but reflective tape yellow. Some re-railers are yellow but these appear to be black...either painted or dirty. Also note the plow attached to the front has yellow striping. Things to consider if you have a Rapido RS-11.

A bit of stuff that I found interesting lately or in my files. I have been caring for my wife for the last few months that has kept me out of the basement modeling. I still have a lot of projects to get back to and a number I completed in the spring and early summer to keep checking back. Peter has a few scans left for his Thursday's post while Don has been threating to complete a railfan post from this fall excursion to Pennsylvania.  

Regarding yesterdays blog post about B&M - CP RDC operations, it would be great if one of you happened to have taken a shot of the actual last through train to Boston in January 1965 of the Alouette or know of someone that did. We would love to see the view.  

Recently Don and I were talking about both having an article in the current December issue of RMC. That also happened in the January RMC issue a couple of years ago...the milk issue. About a decade ago we also came up with a WRJ topic that ran side by side as two articles in RMC. Just as I was finishing this post the CARM Canadian arrived and the current issue has articles by both Don and I...who knows maybe we will do a book together someday...George Dutka

No data on this view of CP 8400. The smoke is pretty impressive. Not sure but I think it maybe a Gord Taylor photo I scanned from the Peter Mumby's collection.

I showed you an October view of this scene awhile back with no train. It was the perfect time with cows in the background field and geese eating the leftover corn that had just been harvested. I returned a few days later. This scene was not to be as on Oct. 24, 2023 an eastbound freight passes by with no cows and geese anywhere to be seen.

On the header page of RMC web site both Don and I was featured at the same time...thought that was interesting to see as we have done a number of articles either together or for the same RMC issue.
Otter Valley Railroad included this little sticker in my last order that arrived in the mail. They always seem to have some goodies in the packaging.

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