Thursday 14 December 2023

Throwback Thursday - 399 Encore

Wisconsin Central 3026, the trailing unit on CN 399, is set to lead the power back to its train at London, Ontario on January 04, 2007.
By Peter Mumby.  

Last week's TT post featured a photo of CN freight 399 which was taken on January 04, 2007.  Today's photo, in which CN 5521 West is operating on 399's schedule, was exposed the following day.  A clear signal has just been received at London Junction and the power is set to return to its train on the south track.  This time the trailing unit is GP 40u WC 3026, an EMD product of 10/66 which had originally been assembled as MILW 192.  Most recently it had worked for Algoma Central Railway as AC 190.  It had become WC property after control of the ACR was assumed by Wisconsin Central.  The special paintwork on this locomotive featured a state map with the superimposed logo "Wisconsin - 150 Years & Rolling."

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