Thursday 7 December 2023

Throwback Thursday - New Traffic for 399

Locomotives IC 6017 and WC 6906 are returning to train 399 at CN London East on January 03/07.

 By Peter Mumby.  

Until December 30, 2006, auto parts traffic destined for the St Thomas Ford plant was handled on NS train number 327.  As of the first of January, 2007, this contract belonged to CN.  The auto parts boxcars would arrive in London on CN 399 where they would be set off in the yard.  Later in the day this cut of cars would be forwarded to Talbotville yard by a local train.  On January 03, 2007 WC 6906 West was operating as 399.  The Ford traffic has been cut off and the conductor stands aboard trailing unit IC 6017 as the power returns to its train.

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