Friday 1 December 2023

Snapshot - December 2023

Have you ever modeled a boxcar that has had its paint faded to the point were there is more primer than paint. Nov 30, 2023
Yesterday I had a delivery to make for my son which brought me past the CP yard in London on a sunny day. Here is what I saw...George Dutka  

I took this photo not because the car was interesting, but the light was right to view the trucks. Notice how the trucks side frame and wheels are more of a rust color than grease and grime. Nov 30 2023
Close up look at the truck.

This is a common sighting on some of these units. Want to model a burn area. I remember reading about how this is done in a past RMC issue. Maybe a year ago. Nov 30 2023

Close up look at the burn.

Lots of weathering happening on this engine down low. Something to consider on your models.

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