Friday 8 December 2023

Milwaukee Road 40' Rib-side Boxcar - Intermountain Railway Company

My Black Friday purchase has arrived. Not sure if spent grain made it to Vermont, but one load did show up on the WRD back in the 1960's.
New out and a car I picked up from Intermountain Railway Company is its 40-foot Postwar rib side boxcars for Milwaukee Road. The following was posted on the RMC site.  

"All-new for this run is a “spent grain” version of these cars.  Distinct from other boxcars for its six round roof hatches, and orange doors stenciled with the outline of the Miller Brewing Company logo denoting their dedicated service, ‘spent grain” cars hauled away their loads to be processed for animal feed and other uses. Spent grain cars began life as conventional ribside boxcars that were rebuilt in the 1960s for this special duty.

IMRC’s Milwaukee rib side boxcars replicate the “short-length” rib profile “Postwar” version of these cars built in 1945 where the ribs terminate further away from the side door than the “full-length” rib profile present on the “Prewar” versions of these cars seen elsewhere. Both styles are correct. "


  1. I wonder if any made it to the Crosby feed mill in Brattleboro. They did use loads of molasses, but not sure if spent grain was worth such a long haul shipment. It seems like the spent grain would have been highly active and would go bad very quickly, especially in the summer.

  2. Hi Jeff
    I guess we have to keep a keen eye when viewing photos at Crosby for that answer...George

  3. So far I have seen one MILW ribbed side car, though it seems before these spent grain cars were put in use. Plenty of granger roads supplied grain to Crosby. CNW, IHB, Milw, CN and Erie (not that I consider Erie to be a granger road...) I have identified on the "supply" side of the mill. So far I haven't identified any of the road names on the outgoing tracks.
    I am working on the model of Crosby Mills now. The "main" building is35.5 inches long in HO scale. Articles in the works for the Ambassador. Just completed the asbestos tiles and am completing the window and door installation.

  4. That all sounds interesting Jeff. Looking forward to see the finished model and a bit about the operations there...George

  5. Unfortunately, I haven't found much on the actual history. I looked through all of the B&M RHS bulletins and they had nothing. Someone had suggested it was built by the B&M but that doesn't make sense as it is in the CV portion of the Brattleboro yard. There wouldn't have been room anywhere on the B&M side of the yard for something as grand as Crosby.

    I am working on rooftop details and a 4 foot base on which to mount the first part of the model. The last major items to complete are the roof over the loading dock and the 30 foot diameter Wirthmore Feeds sign painted on the trackside of the mill.

  6. Neat, thanks for sharing Jeff...George