Sunday 14 April 2024

Country General Stores

Internet find of general store in Connecticut.
I recently looked around the internet for views of country general stores that might inspire me to start a conversion of a model Don Janes built and gave me years ago. It had been on his layout for years until his current rebuild (which has been in the works for maybe 10 years). It is now on a shelf by my workbench. I have had it for the last 7 or 8 years waiting its turn to be revived. I want to turn it into a larger version, maybe double the size which possibly will find a home on our friend Bill Moore's B&M layout...George Dutka      
Don Janes general store from his old layout. I plan on adding an addition to each side, removing the lean-to shed. The roof maybe used on the addition or possibly the lean-to will be revised somewhere else. A covered porch will be worked into the mix. There might be some slate roofing and also metal roof seections.

This wonderful view of front door area of a general store in Vermont was taken by Ken Karlewicz and found on the internet. There is great looking signage over the door and on the windows.  

This general store is located in Maine.

Not sure were this country store is but a nice looking example of something we might model.

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