Tuesday 2 April 2024

What's in the Box No. 58

I guess I built this structure longer ago than I thought. It is a year now since I finished the model. Took some looking to find my files. Anyhow the BEST "Just the Basic's" has a nice group of B&M structures included in this line of kits. This one the Contoocook section shed was a fun and quick build. More on it shortly...George Dutka  

The basic kit does not have a lot included but enough to come up with a interesting and prototypical little structure.

The walls have extra bracing applied which are not included. I had also pulled up a few of the boards with a razor blade. The roof is cardstock that is simple to assemble. Some Tichy windows are to be applied. Note the nice laser cut wood door which is a two part peel and stick detail. 

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