Saturday 13 April 2024

Back Alley Scene


The far left end of the diorama has the ice house backside in view, a bit of a Tichy fence and the auto body shop.

Here are a few more views of my back alley scene that did not make it into RMC...George Dutka  

There is a bit of an alley with a broken down car with tools around it and some trash against the walls. All this makes the scene come together with the other structures.

Not much to the auto body shop that is set into the rear of the diorama. Just a block front wall with a window, sign and awning. two short side walls and some roof details such as a huge roof vent for the paint shop. OK Auto Body once was across from the parking lot at the VIA-CN Brantford station. I used a photocopy of my photo took some years ago of the structure sign to add here.

Overall view of the left side of the diorama. The fence out front is also a Tichy product. The telephone pole Brian Smith gave me some years ago. It is a wood kit that has spikes as steps. The base is a piece of Gatorfoam.

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