Thursday 11 April 2024

Throwback Thursday: GWWD by the Numbers -Part One.

GWWD 100 was sitting in the London, Ontario CP yard on February 05, 1994.
By Peter Mumby.

The Greater Winnipeg Water District rostered a small group of four GE 44-ton locomotives.  These were numbered in the 100 - 103 series.  Following several years in storage, the locomotives were loaded onto CP flat cars and shipped east in early 1994 to start working for new owners.  I caught up with these units in early February at CP Quebec St yard in London, Ontario.  Today we will take a look at numbers 100 and 101, both of which had been acquired new from the builder by GWWD.  Build dates were April 1946 and September 1949, respectively.  The pair had been sold to Ontario Southland Railway.  We will consider units 102 and 103 next week in Part Two of this discussion.  

GWWD 101 made for an interesting load aboard CP company service flat car 421739.

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