Thursday 15 December 2011

NH & CV Gallow Signal

Newly constructed signal Oct. 2011...George Dutka photo
Newly Built 1854 Prototype Gallow Signal ...
Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum
Willimantic, Conn.

Oct 2011

 During my visit this Oct. to the Connecticut Eastern  Railroad Museum in Willimantic, Conn. the first thing that caught my eye was the newly constructed gallows type signal. The two-armed signal was nicknamed The Gallows because it represents a hanging gallow. Built in 1854 it was used into the 1950's at Bridge St. which was a junction location governing trains of the CV and NH. The signal allowed the passage of trains through the switches that would have to be lined for their intended routes. The signal was reportedly removed sometime around 1963.

For information about modelling such a signal take a look at the October 1963 Model Railroader which also includes plans for the signal. I have also included a few prototype views of the signal from my collection. The photos do not have any dates or information but I am thinking 1950's. The gallow signal on the ECRM grounds is not all that far from that original location...George Dutka

Newly built in 2011 gallow signal at the entrance to the museum.
Seems like a gang is gathering at the signal tenders shanty at Bridge St. Willimantic, Conn.

Gallow signal  looking north from Bridge St. at Willimantic, Conn. collection, George Dutka collection

Looking south towards Bridge St. George Dutka collection

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