Friday 16 December 2011

Brewer, Maine Inspiration

The B&M daily slips by an old garage inspired by one found in Brewer Maine. My garage is located at the outskirts of Bellows Crossing, Vermont on the White River Division.
Adding a Brewer, Maine garage
a little MEC  inspiration

 During construction of the White River Division I left the structures to last. All the track and scenery was in. My stand-in structures were by now in place and a few paper mock-ups remained to locate structures still needing attention. As the big structures started to replace paper mock-ups a few smaller buildings were still required. The inspiration for one model came from a garage located in Brewer, Maine beside the MEC right of way which runs to seaside Bucksport.  I saw a photo of a neat medium size garage in the book Before Guilford by Preston Cook. The garage would be a good fit and as seen in the photo it would be track side. It seems that in Brewer the MEC Bucksport Job ran through everyone's back yard in town plus a  grave yard. So my garage although not a exact match is similar in appearance and colour. My model does emulate what I saw in the photo.

The prototype photo that I used for inspiration while building my own version of a mid size garage along the right of way.
When I began building my garage most of my big building were completed. Not wanting to waste the bits and pieces I had left I designed the garage to use my leftovers. Left over styrene and casting dictated the length and height of my garage. My garage has a lower roof pitch but the four panel door which first attracted me to the structure was emulated and also the small window above. The Maine garage did not have any side windows but I thought these would add some additional interest, plus I had a lot of windows left. I also included a small back door that I modelled in the open position. Track side the wall is a blank. The whole building is made of styrene except the roof which is a cast off from a plastic kit of unknown origin. I only used corner bracing that was waste strip wood. Take note...if I did it again I would use more bracing as there is some minor warping.

My garage was airbrushed Floquil  antique white on the walls and reefer white for the windows and trim. The roof is grimy black with lots of chalk weathering. The walls got only a light coat of chalk weathering. I had an unused Sylvan Scale Models Victorian house kit stone base. This I used to mount the garage on. It was painted with Floquil paints. Grime as the base coat then highlighted with dry brush white and washes of diluted grimy black. Some chalk weathering was also added. A lot of small details finish off the scene. In the future I may change the roofing to green tar paper as on the prototype. I purchased a package of green tar paper roofing by BEST models for another project and may have enough left for this structure....George Dutka

Looking down at the scene...many of the detail parts are by Juneco.

B&M #1208 rolls by my little garage set in the countryside of the White River Division.

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