Saturday 3 December 2011

1st Month of the White Rivier Division Blog

The Rutland local is on the branch line through Northfield Falls, Vermont. As you can see in this scene much of the White River Division is rural, similar to what I have seen on my trips to New England.

Blog Visits...
Well the first month of posting on my blog has passed. It is interesting to see how many visits have been made this past month. I checked it a few times over the month on the stats page. Rounding off the numbers after the first month White River Division has 1100 visits. The first week was about 100 but  the second week surprised me with 400 visits . Since then it seems to be 200-300 a week. Anyhow I am glad someone is interested in what I have been posting and I will continue along throughout the winter.

I have a few projects that are near posting. The Crosby Coal dealer is done. Once I install it on the layout and take a few more photos I will post it. It turned out really good. The small feed building by RailroadKITS is almost done...since Peter Mumby and I are building this structure together he is working on a write-up to post and I have taken the photos while construction is in progress. Peter and I have done articles together in the past for RMC and Canadian Railway Modeler but that was in the 1980's. It is nice to do one again even if it just a blog post. I am working on a post regarding the Roundhouse milk cars as CV milk cars. I have a lot of prototype information that I also would like to post over the winter for New England RRing. Don Janes has also showed  interest in adding related posts and doing a few joint posts...Don and I  are working on a joint scenery post that you should onward into December...George

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