Wednesday 7 December 2011

A Central Vermont 2-8-0 model

No it is not brass. This look-a-like is actually a Bachmann modified locomotive that sure needs a second look.

A good look at the  coffin feed system.

 Central Vermont No. 453
Modifying a Bachmann 2-8-0 model

If you model the Central Vermont in the period before the end of 1957 you are going to want a CV 2-8-0. One option if you can find one is brass...which is getting really expensive. I was able to find and purchase a brass CV 2-8-0 model back in February, but here is an interesting alternate solution.

My friend Peter Mumby picked up a Bachmann 2-8-0 which has been modelled as a CV engine...and he got it for a song. Peter brought his CV engine over to run, compare and photograph beside my brass model. This engine has not had the whole surgery done to correctly model the prototype, but it sure is darn hard to tell it is not completely correct. When I consider that one can build 3 to 4 of these for the price of one CV brass model it is a good option.

Peter's CV no. 453 is running through the country side on the White River Division. This engine may become a lease engine at some point when additional power is required.

The Bachmann model has had the coffin feed system detail added in front of the smoke box and above the headlight as on the prototype. This alone is a very good beginning for a CV conversion. The tender has been cut down and rebuilt similar to the CV prototype. Of course the engine is repainted and lettered CV. The running boards and wheel rims were painted white. Peter painted out the wheels a weathered black as they would have looked in the 1950's. The cab has red trim as found on the prototype and another easy fix. Another nice touch on the model were the cab curtains which really add to the finished model. A coal load has been also glued in place. Now all it needs is an engineman and fireman. I just might try this conversion myself to add a second steamer to my fleet...or better yet just lease out Peters model when extra power is required...George Dutka

A close look at the tender, cab and curtains.


  1. The Bachmann 2-8-0 is probably one of the best plastic steamer available for kitbashing. I've had the chance to modify three of them (CNR, CPR, GTR) and it's great to see their specs fit many actual prototypes within a reasonable margin. It's also well spent time doing interesting modelling. Peter did a great job. Honestly, I'm quite familiar with the Bachmann 2-8-0 and I had a hard time noticing. Great job!

    1. Thanks for the nice comments Matt, I really like Peters model also...George

    2. George, I too would love to attempt this conversion. I am stuck with motive power and other equipment projects until I can obtain some right of way. I will look towards organizing this information for others including drawings, parts lists, in progress photos and other items. Off hand, when where the 450 series scrapped?

  2. George, I am interested in trying this conversion. Until I can procure some right of way, my modeling is limited to motive power and freight equipment as well as architectural design of future structures. How do I get in touch with Peter for modeling information or do you have the info?

  3. George, I am interested in doing this conversion to work on an affordable fleet for my future layout. I am stuck with architectural designs and motive power and freight projects pending the acquisition of right of way for construction. Do you have the modeling info or do I need to go to Peter? I am interested in gathering the info, creating parts lists, diagrams, in process photos and other info to help others perform this project. Thanks,
    Jeff Lodge

  4. Sorry for the multiple posts, it did not show that they were posting.

  5. Hi Jeff
    Peter Mumby's model is something he purchased, not built a long time ago. He did a few minor changes to the engine though...mainly paint. So not anymore information for this engine than is in the post. Ian Rice wrote a nice article on constructing a similar CV engine in MR, Nov. 1999 that might be helpful for you. The CVRHS quarterly the "Ambassador" has covered the CV engines throughout the years. Best to check their Web pages as they have a table of contents...hope this helps...George

  6. Hi Jeff
    Forgot to mention that the CVRHS did offer a CV steam engine plans booklet that had a lot of information about CV engines a few years back. Best to contact them if any are still available...George