Tuesday 20 December 2011

WRJ Ball Signal

A look at the Four Ball Signal
at White River Junction

After my post 100 years ago which had a view of the ball signal with the old station in it, Don Janes sent along some photos he took of what was found at White River Jct. of the old ball signal during our visit  in 2005. We had been in Palmer, Mass the day before for the CVRHS convention and decided to drive up to WRJ to take a look around. I actually wanted a detailed photo of Twin States Fruits sign but the building had been torn down.

We visited with Steve Mumley at the station for a moment as he was part of the train crew on the White River Flyer that day and things were getting busy. He mentioned that while they were excuvating the grounds inside the wye for more parking they unearthed a portion of the old ball signal. It was under the station canopy for us to take a look at. Don and I took some photos of what they found and I took a few diamentions for future use. I did build a model of the ball signal not long after I got home from our trip. The wood post is 14" wide and the metal cylinder that the balls would hide in when not to be viewed is approximately 2' wide and 11' 7" long....George Dutka

ex-B&M ball signal at WRJ. Don Janes photo Oct. 2, 2005
As you can see the tubing that the balls once went through is flattened out due to being buried for decades. I took some measurements and calculated that the opening was approximately two feet. Don Janes photo Oct. 2, 2005

Another view of what we saw at White River Jct. Vermont. Don Janes photo Oct. 2, 2005
A view of the ball signal in use during the 1950's. The portion remaining that Don and I viewed back in 2005 can be clearly seen in this photo.

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