Tuesday 15 October 2013

Building a Static Grass Applicator

The fly swatter and strainer are the two main items needed to built a grass applicator. Note the end of the strainers handle. One with this type of hole works the best. The hole lines up perfectly with the screw in the fly swatter handle and is very secure.
 Another use for a electric fly swatter

Back in the spring of 2011 Peter Mumby and I attended a WOD meet...our local division of the NMRA. It was held in Woodstock, Ont. One of clinics stuck with me till I finally built my own. Don Wesley showed us how to convert a electric fly swatter into a static grass applicator. It actually seemed as a really easy build. One needs the fly swatter, (I found one for $3.00 last fall at Giant Tiger), strainer, wire and alligator clip. We got a chance to try out the one Don built and a few others he brought along...they worked great.

Once I finally got around to it...two years later, it took only about 30 minutes to build. I had all the other parts in my workshop other than the fly swatter. The construction cost is very low. What one does is take the fly swatter screws out. break or cut off the swatter part. You only needed the handle and the two wires that attach to the swatter. The button is needed also so keep it in place when taking the handle apart. One wire is soldered to the strainer and the other to a foot or two of wire which has the alligator clip attached. Heat sink covering was used as insulation to the bare wire inside the handle. The strainer was just set in place using the lead screw on the handle. It is very secure. On other styles to secure the strainer one might have to also add some tape or drill a couple of holes for screws. That's it...now I can plant some new grass...George Dutka

The static grass applicator is ready for use once two D size batteries are added. Note I used a piece of white heat sink covering to keep the bare wire found in the handle from shorting on anything.

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