Friday 25 October 2013

A Tuesday Visit

The new Green Mountain Division's crossing tower located not that far away form Don Janes White River Junction scene. I will have to figure out if I have a spot for one of these towers on my layout.
I was down to Sarnia dropping off my sails and cover for some minor repairs on Tuesday. I also stopped by Don Janes to catch up and plan our trip to this years Model Railroad Expo...being held in the Berkshires this year. Once we had everything sorted out we went down stairs to see how the Green Mountain Division was doing. There has been many changes since my last visit. One addition that caught my eye near the end of my visit was the installation of a raised crossing tower not far from the White River Junction yard. It is a Broadway Limited brass model. Don has done a nice job repainting and displaying it. Although on the CV the crossing tenders that I have seen photos of are at ground level. Crossing towers similar to the Broadway model could be found in other locations throughout New England. I also recall a few on the near by D&H. Don and I have seen many of these towers ourselves during the years we worked on the CNR. One similar to Don's model was located in Kitchener till about 15 years or so ago.

Early in my railway career (maybe 1979 or 1980) I was laid off which happened each winter for many of the trainman with my seniority during that era. I had the opportunity for a job one winter to work at the three crossing towers here in London. That was a really nice experience....George Dutka.

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