Thursday 31 October 2013

Year Three Begins

A peek inside the window of the Polka Dot Diner at White River Junction, Vermont. One of my newest structures. Lets peek into the upcoming modeler's season of the WRD.
White River Division is two years old today.

Today is kind of a happy birthday. I started this blog two years today...boy time does flies. I never thought I would have enough to say or show you to keep rolling along as I have. Seems I must have done something right...maybe keeping enough photos and files on hand plus Don's posting helped. Year three is looking really good. The White River Division is taking on a new look. I have a lot to share with you over this modeler's season. I just finished a model of the Polka Dot Diner that still stands in WRJ next to the tracks and last month I finished my Westboro sand house. These probably will be posted in the next few weeks. I will be gone for over a week departing on Monday next week...Don and I have a full schedule of layouts to visit and railfanning to do...we should have a lot to show you once we are back. So stay tuned. I hope you have enjoyed the past two years and plan to check in regularly has really been fun...George Dutka

I have been playing with the track arrangement at White River Junction. I came up with the idea to turn the station around viewing the B&M side. This puts the lead to Westboro (curving into the foreground) in the right direction. My ball signal will sit where the tracks are seen crossing and where it should be. My CV coaling tower and yard well off to the right will now be in the right spot too. Only problem is my building flats are now in the wrong location. Will leave them there for now but might build a view of down town WRJ as a replacement.

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